Los Santos Golf Club (2024)

The Los Santos Golf Club is the one place wealthy men know they can get away from their wives, because they're not allowed to play. Women might have won the vote in 1920, but they're still not allowed on the course in Richman.

— GTA V Manual

The Los Santos Golf Club, also known as the Los Santos Country Club, is a golf club featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


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A lush golf course in the desert? Ssh, don't tell Africa. Come rub shoulders with privilege at the Los Santos Country Club. It's full of awesome guys just like you.

— GTA V Digital Manual

The golf club is located at the GWC and Golfing Society in Richman, and is the most expensive property that any of the three characters can buy in the game and in the entire series, costing $150,000,000 and generating a weekly income of $264,500 (also the most profitable). However, if purchased, the property will take 568 weeks to turn a profit over the initial investment.

It can be purchased after completing the mission Nervous Ron, though it is unlikely the player will have amassed anywhere near enough cash that early on in the game.

Golf Minigame[]

Main article: Golf

To play a round of golf, the player needs to walk to the front door of the clubhouse between 6:00 and 18:00. The entrance fee is $100, or free of charge if the player owns the club.

If the player walks alone to the front door, NPC members will be available for a game:

  • Todd Rosenweig (Easy)
  • Aaron Ingram (Normal)
  • Jeff Miller (Normal)
  • Glenn Mather (Hard)
  • Castro Lagano (Hard) - The player must complete his random event before Castro becomes available for golfing.

These characters can often be seen waiting outside the entrance or on the practice greens in front of the clubhouse.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V[]

This location is part of the Strangers and Freaks mission Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark given to Trevor Philips. In this mission, Trevor must obtain Mark Fostenburg's golf club and get it to Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill.

On Didion Drive, Vinewood Hills, the player will eventually find a golf player being expelled from home by his wife in a random event. The player can give him a ride to the Golf Club and get a small amount of money as a reward.

The golf minigame is an available friend activity when hanging out.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online[]

The golf minigame is available to play to any GTA Online Protagonist, despite being claimed that women aren't allowed on the course.

During the mission "On Course", the GTA Online Protagonist meets Franklin Clinton and Dr. Dre at the club, and chases two golfers, Eugene and Raymond, out of the club after they threatened them.


The course features 9 holes with a 36 regular par and a total yardage of 3,464. Gimmes are accepted.


Los Santos Golf Club (1)



Hole by hole[]

Los Santos Golf Club (2)The 2nd longest hole on the course, a Par 5 with the initial drive zone complicated by a fairway bunker on the left. A large landing zone for the second shot leaves a short iron to the flat green. With the pin position at the back center, the greenside bunker on the right should not come into play.
Los Santos Golf Club (3)The longest par 4 hole. A relatively straightforward tee shot to a wide fairway with a small bunker on the left. Aim to the right side of the fairway for the best approach to the green on the 2nd shot. Pin placement on the flat green at front left protected by a large bunker and complicated by trees on the left side if approaching from the left side of the fairway.
Los Santos Golf Club (4)Very short par 3 with the pin placed on the left side of the left to right downhill sloping green and protected by a large bunker in the front left makes getting the medium iron tee shot close to the flag something of a challenge.
Los Santos Golf Club (5)A short par 4 with a sharp left to right dog leg protected by large trees on the right. Caddy suggests an iron off the tee to lay up short of the left side bunkers but a fairway wood can comfortably thread between the trees and bunkers. Driving the green may be possible with favorable left to right tail-wind conditions. The pin is positioned in the center of a large green protected by water at the back.
Los Santos Golf Club (6)Tough looking par 4 with the initial water position being more of a psychological barrier as even an average driver should clear it comfortably. The fairway narrows to something of a right to left angle around a cluster of fairway bunkers on the left. 2nd shot into a long green protected by kidney shaped bunkers on the left and right. Pin position at the back brings both bunkers into play.
Los Santos Golf Club (7)A long par 3 with a large flat green and central pin position, complicated by the pair of greenside bunkers at the front requiring pinpoint accuracy off the tee. The best chance for that elusive hole-in-one award.
Los Santos Golf Club (8)Possibly the hardest hole on the course, this average length par 4 features numerous hazards. Water on the right, unplayable path and out of bounds fenceline on the left of an extremely narrow sloped fairway will punish any waywad tee shot. A mildly sloping green where the pin in the center left is protected by bunkers front and back and trees on the left.
Los Santos Golf Club (9)The longest hole on the course, this par 5 features a straightforward tee shot with a left side fairway bunker and right side water hazzard rarely being any threat. The 2nd shot is where things get interesting with trees on the left, a fairway bunker on the right and a drastically narrowing fairway taking a sharp left turn around a greenside bunker protecting the front of the large green. The pin position at the back left makes laying up before the bunker a common approach.
Los Santos Golf Club (10)Birdies galore on this straightforward short par 4 returning the player to a flat green in front of the clubhouse. The cluster of greenside bunkers are mainly for show as there is a wide clear approach to the pin at the back center.

Prominent Appearances in Missions[]

Grand Theft Auto V[]

  • Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

  • On Course
  • Payphone Hit: The Judge


  • Caddy - provided to the player during a round, but they may also be found parked around the course both during and after business hours
  • Mower (at 20:00-21:00 at night)


  • Golf Club - Used by NPCs. Scare or push them to make them drop the weapon.
  • Spaceship Part - In the middle of a pond at the western part.


The country club's golf course.

The Golf Club, as seen in the PC Version.

The country club's golf course.

Michael in the golf course.

Todd Rosenweig, practicing putting.

Members and strippers playing golf.

The front door of the country club and the parking lot.

The back of the country club. The patio.


  • Similar to Los Santos International Airport, if the player flies low above the golf club, the air traffic controller will warn the player that they are flying over a restricted airspace. Not complying with these warnings will result in a two-star wanted level, though if the player is flying a helicopter and simply lands the vehicle on the course and walks away from it, no wanted level occurs.
    • Also, driving a road vehicle other than the Caddy on the course will earn the player a 2 star wanted level.
    • Once the golf club is owned, the player is free to enter the course or fly above it without any consequences (with any characters).
      • However, in GTA Online, the club is unrestricted.
  • Even when having purchased the Golf Club, the Golf Club Business Card will not be in the stack of owned properties business cards on the Rockstar Games Social Club. This is because the business cards only apply to properties unique to that protagonist.
  • When the player buys this property, the manager Raymond will call and apologize for any bad treatment before and justify it by telling the protagonist that they "had no idea you were this rich!" However, only Michael's phone call will have accurate subtitles - Trevor and Franklin's calls will have missing and changed words.
  • When giving Castro Lagano a ride to the Golf Club during his Random Event, Castro will mention that the Golf Club is for men only and that women are not allowed. This is also stated in the game manual. Despite this, women will occasionally be present at the front door and will even be golfing on the course, and the promotional material includes strippers on the course. GTA Online's female Protagonist is able to golf at the club as well.
    • Despite this, Hayden Dubose comments on his Lifeinvader page that the golf club was considering allowing women in "again", implying that women had been allowed to golf there, at some point prior.
  • Each protagonist will automatically change into course-appropriate attire when starting a round of golf.
    • If the player owns the property, they can wear whatever they like when playing golf.
  • Michael can be seen storming away from the golf club building in a few Switch Scenes, commenting how he hates the people there.
Los Santos Golf Club (2024)


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