GTA 5: How To Buy A Golf Course And Cinema (2024)

It is important to know how to buy a golf course and cinema in GTA 5 so that you can increase your passive income. Among several opportunities to increase your capital, getting a golf course is definitely the best option. Along with the golf course, I would recommend buying a cinema as well to increase your passive income. Read on to find how to buy a golf course in GTA 5,

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How To Buy A Golf Course In GTA 5

Buying the golf course in GTA 5 is quite easy, as all you need to do is head toward the property icon located on the map and interact with the “For Sale” sign.

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However, it is important to note that there is only one golf course that you can get, and it is located in the north of Richman in Los Santos. Furthermore, in order to unlock the Los Santos golf course as a property, you will have to complete the nervous Ron mission. The golf course is massive and has a lot of facilities, but its price tag is just as big. To get the golf course, you will have to spend a sum of $150,000,000. You can own the golf course if you’re playing as Trevor, Franklin, and Michael.

Golf Course Benefits

Located near Dorset Drive, the Los Santos golf course is the best way to generate passive income. There is no doubt that the Golf Club comes with a massive price tag; however, you will be able to generate around $264,500 per week. It is a 3464-yard-long course that has nine holes with a 36 regular par. It is definitely the most expensive purchaseable property in GTA 5.

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By getting the property, you will be able to play golf without paying any charges. Furthermore, you can also wear the clothes you want while playing golf.

However, it is important to note that you will need as many as 568 weeks to break even and get the profits from the golf course, which is definitely a long time. The parked vehicles at the Los Santos Golf Club include a caddy and lawn mower.

Golf Club Mini-Game

There is a mini-game of golf that can be played on the Los Santos golf course as well. For that, you need to head towards the Golf Club between 6:00 and 18:00 where you will have to face five different opponents that present different levels of difficulty as well.

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Following are all the opponents you will be facing during the mini-game.

  • Todd Rosenweig (Easy)
  • Aaron Ingram (Normal)
  • Jeff Miller (Normal)
  • Glenn Mather (Hard)
  • Castro Lagano (Hard)

Gastro Lagano will only be available after you complete a random event involving him on Didion Drive in Vinewood Hills.

You can also play the golf meaning game as a pastime with other characters.

Collectibles And Appearance

When visiting the golf course, keep an eye out for several collectibles that you can get.

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The following are the collectibles you will be able to obtain at the Los Santos golf course.

  • Golf Club:it can be obtained from NPC’s hanging around the course.
  • Spaceship Part: This is located in the middle of a pond on the western side of the Golf Club.

The Los Santos Golf Club has made appearances in the Strangers and Freaks mission as well as the Vinewood Souvenirs for Trevor Phillips. In the mission, he has to obtain Mark Fostenburg’s Golf Club and take it to Nigel and Mrs Thornhill.

How To Buy Cinemas In GTA 5

If you want to generate more passive income, you can also buy cinemas. I will recommend buying cinemas first, as they are a much cheaper option as compared to the golf course. You still have to complete the Nervous Ron mission in order to get to the cinema.

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Fortunately, there are 4 cinemas available in GTA 5. However, only three of them can be purchased to get passive income. Another important point is that it will take a long time to recoup the cinemas, so you would have to invest carefully. Below is a list of cinemas that you can purchase, as well as their location, price, income, and payback period.

Cinema NamePriceLocationIncome Per WeekPayback Time
Tivoli Cinema$30,000,000at the intersection of Cougar Ave. And Morningwood Blvd. In Morningwood.$142,300210 Weeks
Ten Cent Theater$20,000,000Integrity Way and Sinner St. in the textile city.$264,0076 weeks
Doppler Cinema$10,000,000Vinewood Blvd. in downtown Vinewood$132,20075 weeks

There is no doubt that the cheaper the business you buy, the faster you will be able to generate passive income. However, you should definitely save up enough to invest in the golf course, as it pays the highest amount of passive income.

Hopefully, after eating my guide, you will be able to buy the golf course and set it up for passive income easily. If you have any inquiries, leave them down in the comments section below.


How do I buy the Los Santos Golf Course in GTA 5?

It can be purchased by visiting the golf course located in Richman. You will have to interact with the for sale board in order to purchase it.

Who can buy the Los Santos golf course?

All three protagonists, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, can buy the golf course.

Where is the golf course located?

It is located at the GWC and Golfing Society in the Richman Los Santos area.

GTA 5: How To Buy A Golf Course And Cinema (2024)


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