All the Best Valentine's Day Snacks and Treats Roundup (2024)

Here are some of the treats and deals available for Valentine's Day!

By Nicole Drum


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Love is in the air with Valentine's Day just a few days away and while it's a holiday frequently defined by roses, chocolate, and expressions of love and friendship, Valentine's Day isn't just for romance. Valentine's Day is also for snack lovers as well, with this time of year one for all sorts of pink and heart-themed treats as well as clever snacks and food offerings for those who perhaps aren't having the most loveable time.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, we've put together a round up of some of the tasty treats and deals available in time for the holiday of love. There's a little something for everyone — including those that Cupid's arrow missed. Read on for some of the holiday and seasonal treats, sweets, and deals that you can check out for Valentine's Day (and remember, it's okay to be your own Valentine, too!)

Halo Top Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ice Cream

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Chocolate covered strawberries are an iconic Valentine's Day treat and everyone loves ice cream so why not put them together — but without the guilt? For Valentine's Day, Halo Top has snack lovers covered with their new Halo Top Chocolate Covered Strawberry ice cream. A whole pint contains just 330 calories which means that while you can share with your Valentine… you can also keep it all to yourself. The new ice cream is available now at Walmart.


P.F. Chang's DUMPlings

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While Valentine's Day is a holiday about love and romance, it isn't always a great day for everyone. In fact, per Bumble, 19 percent of people find themselves dealing with a breakup around Valentine's Day. That can certainly make the holiday a bit awkward, but P.F. Chang's has come up with a way to counter heartbreak this year: DUMPlings. All folks have to do is text CHANGSDUMPLINGS to 1-855-697-6181 and share their breakup story or a screenshot and they'll get a free, six-count shrimp or pork dumplings in restaurant or via delivery. You can check out more information here.

"At P.F. Chang's, we believe in embracing every chapter of our guests' lives, even the ones marked by heartbreak," says Elisa Cordova, Director of Brand Marketing, from P.F. Chang's. "Our DUMPlings program is more than just a promotion; it's a testament to our commitment to surprising and delighting our guests who aren't feeling the love this season. We wanted to launch a fun, light-hearted program that reminds those finding themselves single, during a month that shines a spotlight on couples, that breakups may suck, but at least our dumplings don't."


Jet-Puffed Heart Shaped Strawberry Marshmallows

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What's more Valentine's Day than hearts and strawberries? They're two iconic aspects of Valentine's Day treats and now, Jet-Puffed has brought them together in marshmallow form. The limited edition marshmallows are pink, heart-shaped, and taste subtly of strawberry making them a nice addition to your Valentine's Snacking — and perfect for those who maybe aren't huge chocolate fans. They're available now at major retailers.



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Sometimes you can't go wrong with a classic — and that's where Ferrero comes in. This year, Ferrero has some tasty chocolate offerings for Valentine's Day so you can give the gift of sweets in a more traditional fashion but with a twist. Their Valentine's lineup includes Kinder Bueno 4 Count Packs, Kinder Chocolate Hollow Bears, Ferrero Rocher 24-piece Heart Box, Ferrero Collection 24-piece Heart Box, Fannie May Chocolate Assortment Heart, Assorted Shareable Heart from CRUNCH and Butterfinger, and Mother's Puppy Love Cookies. You can find these treats at major retailers nationwide.



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Another classic Valentine's treat are conversation hearts and Brach's has you covered twice over this year! Brach's Conversation Hearts, the beloved classic, are available this year as are the fan-favorite Brach's x Friends Conversation hearts, which returned for their second year in 2024 with Friends references including "How you doing'" and "UR MY LBSTR". Also available are the new Mellowcreme Roses candy. You can find these treats at stores nationwide.


Red Vine Cinnamon Twists

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Looking for a spicy twist on Valentine's Day treats? Red Vines has you covered with their newest flavor Cinnamon Twist. This sweet and spicy treat is a celebration in every bite, featuring three 4 oz. trays of irresistible goodness. Whether shared with a special someone or given as a heartfelt gift, these shareable cinnamon spice licorice twists are bound to warm hearts and dazzle taste buds. Available for a limited time.


Pizza Hut Goodbye Pie

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Breakups are hard, especially around Valentine's Day. It's also the holiday that sees the highest rate of breakups, with the Tuesday before the holiday reportedly seeing the most break ups each year. This year, to make the bad news a little easier, Pizza Hut is helping out with limited edition Hot Honey Goodbye Pies. That's right, pies to help you break up with someone. The Goodbye Pie comes with a personalized message on a special box and can even be personalized with a space on the box to add the recipient's name.

For a chance to send one for free, just head to now through February 14th in select locations in the US: New York City, Chicago, and Miami.




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All the Best Valentine's Day Snacks and Treats Roundup (2024)


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