25 Super Bowl Party Games Worthy of a Touchdown (2024)


25 Super Bowl Party Games Worthy of a Touchdown (1)

By Emma Singer

Published Jan 24, 2023

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The Super Bowl is rapidly approaching, which means it’s almost time to pull out all the stops to host a perfect game day party. After all, it would be a shame for the yearly sporting event to feel like just another football season Sunday—and that’s precisely where these 25 Super Bowl party games enter the picture. Our top picks of things for kids and families to play include everything from minute-to-win-it games and themed variations on classics like charades, to outdoor field goal kicking competitions and cornhole wars. Get ready to bust out the bite-sized snacks and have some fun.


50 Mini Bite-Sized Super Bowl Snacks

1. DIY Shuffleboard Game

All you need is a piece of wood, some paint and a pen for a pre-game craft that promises to deliver plenty of half-time entertainment. This DIY shuffleboard is quick and easy to make, and the edible shuffleboard pieces (M&Ms) are sure to make the friendly competition even sweeter for everyone. Bonus: The candy factor will keep little kids coming back for more play, which means parents can retire to the couch and watch the game.

2. Rate the Commercials

Chances are not everyone in your family or pod shares the same degree of enthusiasm for football itself; Super Bowl commercials, on the other hand, are reliably entertaining for all. Equip everyone with these printable score cards and turn every commercial break into a rousing game of “rate that ad” for a major improvement on the typical passive viewing experience.

3. DIY Cozy Craft

Kids (and anyone else who prefers a crafting event to a sporting one) will be happy to turn their attention to a game day decorating project. This festive cozy craft comes together with only a few inexpensive materials and the process is completely kid-friendly. Most importantly, the finished product promises to keep everyone happy by preventing the major bummer that is a lukewarm beverage.

4. Super Bowl Bingo

Some like to scream at the flat screen, while others have a more subdued way of enjoying the Super Bowl—you know, like with one eye on the screen and the other on a bingo card, for example. Keep those in the latter category engaged in the game with some free printable Super Bowl bingo, which covers everything from what goes down on the field to the commercials in between.

5. Football Doughnuts On A String Game

Keep the party going after the game is finished with a hilarious race in which players compete to be the first to take a bite out of a dangling doughnut...with their hands behind their backs. To set this one up, you can do some pre-game baking or just add white frosting laces to store-bought chocolate donuts instead. Either way, the winner gets a sweet reward.

6. Mini Football Cornhole

You don’t need to have pro-footballer skills to enjoy a game of hand-eye coordination. Case in point: This crowd-pleasing, football-themed cornhole game. Try your hand at this DIY for a party attraction that members of your family or pod can play at their own leisure, and kids in the group are sure to love. (And don’t worry—it’s not that difficult since you start the craft with a ready-made cornhole board.)

7. Football Squares Pool

No athleticism is required to join this football pool, a printable party feature in which guests (yep, that can just be your immediate family) compete for prizes in a game of luck. This one’s as family-friendly as gambling gets (i.e., the prizes can be candy bars) and since the outcome is tied to the touchdowns happening in real time, everyone is guaranteed to be watching the big game with bated breath from start to finish.

8. Super Bowl Word Scramble

Keep yourself (or the kids) occupied with a little brain teasing challenge in the form of a Super Bowl word scramble. This game day puzzle is challenging enough to be a quick but fun diversion for adults, but not too hard for kids to unscramble—and since all the words are football terms, it might even set in motion a helpful refresher course on the rules of the game. You know, in case you forgot what a field goal is (*raises hand*).

25 Super Bowl Party Games Worthy of a Touchdown (10)


9. Flag Football

Flag football is a fun family game to play pretty much any time, but it’s a particularly useful activity during the Super Bowl when stir-crazy kids are clamoring to play rather than just watch. Plus, this sport not only promises a breath of fresh air and a much-needed screen time break, but it also ensures the whole event isn’t interrupted by an emergency room visit. (Three cheers for no-contact play!)

10. Super Bowl Pick ‘em

If you’re looking for an excellent way to kick off your game day celebration, this free party printable is a good place to start: This guessing game questionnaire can be completed before the Super Bowl starts by kids and adults alike. It’s also an entertaining activity to have available at both virtual and in-person celebrations—just be sure to appoint a referee, lest memories fail regarding the ‘correct’ answers once scores start to be tallied.

11. DIY Washers Yard Game

This very cool DIY requires quite a bit of hardware (think: mini tube cutter, copper pipes, galvanized floor flanges) and some know-how. That said, if you can pull it off, you and your pod will be rewarded with a challenging ring toss party game in the form of a pretty (yes, really) miniature football field. Neat.

12. Football Knockdown

Have your family warm up before the big game with a few rounds of football knockdown—a game in which players toss the old pigskin at a pyramid of plastic cups. All you need is some brown cups (or brown paint to give any color cup a makeover), a white pen, a football...and voila, a festive and entertaining activity that will get the party started.

25 Super Bowl Party Games Worthy of a Touchdown (14)

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13. Football Charades

While you’re waiting for the game to get started, gather your family together for a round of football charades, which is actually just charades with an added challenge: players are limited to acting out football-related words. Hint: It’s the participants who know the least about football that make this game such a riot to play.

14. Inflatable Football Toss Target

So, you’re too busy whipping up Super Bowl snacks to tackle a DIY game board—we get it. Just buy some readymade game day amusem*nt instead. This inflatable football target is a budget-friendly option that can be used indoors or outdoors—but no matter where you set it up, we’d wager that the Super Bowl enthusiasts in your life will be eager to give it a whirl.

15. Pin the Football Game

Feature this birthday party favorite at your family’s Super Bowl bash and your kids will thank you (as will the adults who want to watch in peace). This set comes complete with everything you need—blindfold, adhesive footballs, poster—to get the young ones legitimately excited to play with a wall for a few.

16. Coogam Fast Wooden Sling Football Puck Game

Here, an engaging two-person board game in which players use an elastic firing string to slingshot as many of their pucks (or footballs, as it were) through the center goal while defending against their opponent’s attempts to do the same. The play is fast-paced and exciting, and the rules are simple enough that kids of all ages can get in on the action.

17. Masterpieces NFL Spot It!

Anyone familiar with ‘Spot It!’ knows that this seemingly simple card game is a lot harder than it looks. This NFL version of the game features an assortment of football-themed images and, as with the original, the objective is to spot a match on any given pair of cards as quickly as you can. Hint: There’s always a match, but only the kid with the fastest reflexes and sharpest visual perception skills will find it first.

18. Finger Flick Football Game

The suction cups on these miniature goal posts make them easy to stick to a coffee table so kids can enjoy a frenzied finger-flicking football battle while the grown-ups keep their eyes on the big game.

19. Football Cornhole Set

We already shared a DIY cornhole project above, but if you’re not feeling quite so ambitious you can always opt for a ready-made version of the game. This cornhole set includes both boards and beanbags, plus a football theme that’s oh-so fitting for the occasion. Set it up in the backyard so kids can score their own touchdowns while the die-hard football fans watch the on-screen action inside.

20. ArtCreativity Inflatable Football Goal and Ball Set

Blow up this inflatable goal post and let the field goal training practice begin. The inflatable goal post here features a weight base, so it won’t blow away on a blustery winter day, and an inflatable football that, unlike a real pigskin, won’t do any damage when accidentally kicked in the direction of another little kid’s face. In other words, a whole posse of peewees can engage in some friendly competition without incident.

21. Make Marshmallow Poppers

Who knew yogurt containers had this fun game in them? Shoot marshmallows across the room at a DIY field goal post with balloons. It's as simple as cutting the bottoms off of a few yogurt containers and fastening cut balloons to the tops. Then, the kids can load in the marshmallows, pull back the knot of the balloon and watch their tasty "football" soar.

22. Decorate Glitter Foam Fingers

Get the kids in the spirit by equipping them with miniature foam fingers that they can spruce up themselves. These cuties take about an hour to dry, so decorate them before the big game, break for dinner and they'll be ready in time for kickoff. (And if you avoid glitter at all costs, opt for painting the fingers in your team's colors instead.)

23. Paper Football Lego Game

The paper footballs are a breeze to make, the goalposts can be built by little Lego enthusiasts while you set up the party spread, and the end result is a family-friendly game that will get everyone in the Super Bowl spirit.

24. Blitz Champz Football Card Game

A National Parenting Products Awards winner, this football-themed card game is easy to learn, fast-paced and incredibly fun. It’s also a very clever way to get a young sports fan to hone strategic thinking skills whilst doing some math.

25. Zobmondo Go Long! Football Dice Game

Here, another on-theme, educational game that promises to give math skills a boost. This four-quarter dice game incorporates many of the basic rules of football and, much like the sport itself, play is lightning fast and never stale.



25 Super Bowl Party Games Worthy of a Touchdown (27)

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This article is about Super Bowl party games for kids and families. It provides a list of 25 games and activities that can make hosting a game day party more enjoyable and engaging. These games range from DIY crafts and decorating projects to interactive games that can be played during halftime or after the game.

Let's go through the concepts mentioned in the article one by one:

  1. DIY Shuffleboard Game: This game involves creating a shuffleboard game using a piece of wood, paint, and a pen. The game can be customized with edible shuffleboard pieces (such as M&Ms) for added fun.

  2. Rate the Commercials: This activity involves creating printable scorecards to rate Super Bowl commercials during the game. It adds an interactive element to the commercial breaks.

  3. DIY Cozy Craft: This craft project involves creating a cozy sleeve for beverages using inexpensive materials. It helps keep the drinks warm and adds a festive touch to the game day experience.

  4. Super Bowl Bingo: This game involves using printable Super Bowl bingo cards to mark off events that occur during the game, such as touchdowns or commercials. It adds excitement and engagement during the game.

  5. Football Doughnuts On A String Game: This game involves players trying to be the first to take a bite out of a hanging doughnut, with their hands behind their backs. It can be a hilarious and competitive activity after the game.

  6. Mini Football Cornhole: This DIY game involves creating a football-themed cornhole board, which players can use to practice their hand-eye coordination.

  7. Football Squares Pool: This printable game involves guests competing for prizes by filling in squares on a grid with their predictions for the final score of the game. It adds a fun element of friendly competition.

  8. Super Bowl Word Scramble: This game involves unscrambling football-related words in a word scramble puzzle. It can be a brain-teasing challenge for both kids and adults.

  9. Flag Football: This activity involves playing flag football, a non-contact version of the sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

  10. Super Bowl Pick ‘em: This game involves completing a guessing game questionnaire before the Super Bowl starts, predicting various outcomes of the game. It can be a fun way to engage everyone in the game day celebration.

  11. DIY Washers Yard Game: This DIY project involves creating a ring toss game using hardware and some know-how. It provides a challenging and entertaining activity for the party.

  12. Football Knockdown: This game involves tossing a football at a pyramid of plastic cups and trying to knock them down. It's a simple and enjoyable activity to warm up before the game.

  13. Football Charades: This game is a variation of charades, where players act out football-related words. It can be a riot to play, especially for participants who are less familiar with football.

  14. Inflatable Football Toss Target: This inflatable game involves throwing footballs at a target to score points. It's a ready-made option for game day amusem*nt.

  15. Pin the Football Game: This game involves blindfolding players and having them place adhesive footballs on a poster. It adds an element of excitement and playfulness to the party.

  16. Coogam Fast Wooden Sling Football Puck Game: This two-person board game involves players using an elastic firing string to slingshot their pucks through a center goal. It's a fast-paced and engaging game suitable for all ages.

  17. Masterpieces NFL Spot It!: This card game features football-themed images, and players must spot a match on any given pair of cards as quickly as possible. It tests reflexes and visual perception skills.

  18. Finger Flick Football Game: This game involves flicking miniature footballs into miniature goalposts using suction cups. It can be an entertaining game for kids.

  19. Football Cornhole Set: This ready-made cornhole set includes boards and beanbags with a football theme. It can be set up in the backyard for kids to play their own game while others watch the Super Bowl.

  20. ArtCreativity Inflatable Football Goal and Ball Set: This inflatable goal post and football set allows for field goal training practice. It's a safe and fun activity for kids.

  21. Make Marshmallow Poppers: This game involves shooting marshmallows at a DIY field goal post using balloons and yogurt containers. It's a simple and enjoyable activity for kids.

  22. Decorate Glitter Foam Fingers: This craft project involves decorating foam fingers with glitter or paint. It's a fun way to get kids involved and excited for the game.

  23. Paper Football Lego Game: This game involves making paper footballs and building Lego goalposts. It's a family-friendly game that gets everyone in the Super Bowl spirit.

  24. Blitz Champz Football Card Game: This football-themed card game helps young sports fans improve strategic thinking skills while having fun.

  25. Zobmondo Go Long! Football Dice Game: This dice game incorporates the basic rules of football and helps improve math skills while providing fast-paced entertainment.

These are just a few of the Super Bowl party game ideas mentioned in the article. They can add excitement, engagement, and entertainment to your game day celebration, making it a memorable event for kids and families.

25 Super Bowl Party Games Worthy of a Touchdown (2024)


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